Interesting Facts About UPVC Windows

UPVC is the best and most suitable Window building material and its importance is constantly growing globally. UPVC offers a whole range of outstanding product properties to create our windows and is unparalleled. It remains unbeaten by any other raw material.

Decision Making Factors

It is no small investment, when considering your home improvements, however purchase costs of UPVC windows are now far more economical than a comparable product made of wood or aluminium. There are great many of aspects that play a significant role when choosing new windows. For this reason, we would like to present you some interesting facts about UPVC windows that will help you with your decision making.

High Performing & Quality Product

Durability & Resistance (Fire Resistance, UV Stability, Wind Resistance)
Excellent sound insulation, especially in the growing urban regions
Perfect Thermal Insulation
Long Life (uPVC windows have a life cycle of 30 years or more)
Smart Investment as the value of your home can be increased by installing UPVC Windows & Doors
Highly Energy Efficient
Can be easily cleaned by using a mild detergent or simply soapy water
Resistant against termites and will never rot, rust or corrode
Cannot be deformed by Moisture & Temperature differences
Prevent Development of Mould & Bacteria
Efficient for many years (without constant effort of conservation by painting or special maintenance measures)
Highly Secure with excellent Burglary Resistance
Aesthetically Pleasing with an appealing visual appearance in various types, shapes & designs
Suitable for both new Buildings & Renovation of older buildings
Available in a wide range of colour variations, laminated outside or on both sides
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