10 Year Australian Warranty

Nationwide Windows are so confident in our products, that we warranty our workmanship for 10 years from the date of installation. Our Installation teams are highly trained and meticulous. Our products have a 10 Year Warranty against faulty workmanship and materials.

Nationwide Windows products are designed and built to comply with the current Australian Standards (as set out below):-

• AS1288 - 2006: Glass in Buildings
• AS/NZS4667 - 2000: Quality Requirements for Cut-to-Size and Processed Glass
• AS2047 - 2014: Windows and External Glazed Doors in Buildings
• AS4055 - 2012: Wind loads for Housing
• AS3959 - 2009: Construction of Buildings in Bushfire-Prone Areas

Warranty Claims

To make a warranty claim, please Contact Us by email or phone. Nationwide Windows will stand by our customers in the unlikely event of a failure as a result of manufacturing.

Warranty Exclusions

You warranty is void in the event of:

(a) Alterations –
(i) the product has been removed for any reason by any person/company other than Nationwide Windows
(ii) the product is/has been altered, modified or adjusted by non-approved and/or insufficient parts that were not supplied and installed by Nationwide Windows.
(iii) Substantial construction changes to the building immediately connected with the particular products already installed by Nationwide Windows.
For example, any structural changes; like a wall removal, or any modifications that require structural engineering, after an installation has been completed, can have significant impact on the products that have been installed. While we will look to work with any client in the event of structural change, and look to support any changes needed, the product would likely be best; removed prior to structural changes and re-installed after the completion of structural changes (at a cost to be paid by the customer before removal). This cost would be quoted at the time it is required and not offered in advance. This would ensure you maintain the duration remaining of your 10 Year warranty from the date of the initial installation. Your 10 Year Warranty DOES NOT RESTART from the date it is reinstalled. The customer assumes all risks should any installation following structural changes be impacted as a result of changes made by the customer.

(b) Fair Wear & Tear – any defect in, or damage to any Nationwide Windows products, was the result of normal wear and tear.

(c) Non-Payment – Nationwide Windows has not received full payment for products and/or service supplied.

(d) Improper use – the product was used in a manner that it was not intended.

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