Living Comfort & Environmentally Friendly

Nationwide Windows, Innovative & High Quality UPVC products, cut energy losses to a minimum. With UPVC Windows & Doors from Nationwide, you can contribute to the conservation of increasingly scarce resources and to the reduction of pollutant emissions.

Combine Environmental Friendliness  and Comfortable Living by insulating with Energy Efficient UPVC Windows & Doors from Nationwide Windows.

Eco Friendly Windows & Doors

Nationwide Windows are big on Eco Friendly Windows & Doors. Australia is an Energy Efficient focused country. If you have an Energy Saving mindset and lowering your carbon footprint is important to you or you are simply keen to save money on you power bills, then Eco Friendly Windows & Doors from Nationwide Windows are a must when considering renovating or even a new build. 

Changing traditional Timber/Aluminium building materials to UPVC Double Glazing will insulate your family home far better and help lower your energy bills. As an example, Energy Efficient UPVC Glazing will reduce the need for Heating/Air Conditioning on continuously, as you will have more control over your climate with UPVC Double Glazing's Thermal Qualities. 

Heat Transfer Coefficient

The "U" thermal transmittance coefficient is the measurement unit for determining the loss of heat in a building element. It expresses the quantity of heat which crosses a square metre of a building element per second for a temperature difference of 1°C between internal and external air.

The lower the value, the higher the thermal insulation. Typical values vary between 6W/m2K for a Single Pane Glass Window to 1W/m2K for a Double Glazed Low Emission Window.

The calculation of this is based on the U-values and the size of each single material of all components. This means the glass, the frame material as well as the psi-value, which describes the heat flow generated through the insulated glass edge with the distance piece.

= U-Value Glazing (Ug) * Area Glazing (Ag)
+ U-value frame (Uf) * Area frame (Af)
+ PSI-Value * length of the edge bond (L)
/ Area glazing (Ag) + Area frame (Af)

Comparison of the heat transmittance coefficient for different glazing:

Single Glass Pane or Laminated Glass  = 5.6
Double Glazed Unit without low-e coating = 2.7
Double Glazed Unit with low-e coating = 1.2

So in summation, the lower the U-Value, the better!

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