Appreciate The Silence & Enjoy The Comfort

Studies suggest that being exposed to permanent, or even only to a short-term, intensive noise, can lead to a harmful impact on human health. Thus, noise protection is important when considering your homes Windows & Doors. Double Glazed Windows & Doors can provide you with the best possible protection against unwanted external noise when compared to inferior aluminium frames and single glazed panes.


What Can Influence Noise Reduction At Home?

There are 4 Key Areas that can influence the Acoustic Efficiency of your Windows.

1. Frame 2. Glazing 3. Glass Packers 4. Installation

An Open Window (heavy traffic) ~ 80 dB 

Old Window (Single Glazed) ~ 60 dB 

Standard Window (Double Glazed) ~ 48 dB 

UPVC Nationwide Window (IDEAL 4000®) ~ 35 dB 

Reduction of 10 dB (decibel) will reduce noise by 50 %

Sound Insulation For Quality Of Life

Noise has an immense impact on our quality of life. The results can vary from sleep loss to continuous stress which can cause considerable damage to our health. UPVC Windows can provide effective protection from noise and create a more permanent and pleasant atmosphere.

dB (decibel) is commonly used in acoustics to quantify sound levels perceived by the human ear.

Nationwide Windows Product Range

IDEAL 2000®

IDEAL 2000® is the most substantial 3 to 4-chamber window system with two levels of sealing and a 60 mm construction depth. The window offers the best possible price/performance ratio and a perfect economic efficiency. It is the right Window Solution for Fixed, Tilt & Turn and Casement openings. Many possible variations allow for the use of the system in the domain of commercial buildings as well as private homes.

IDEAL 4000®

With 5 chambers as a standard combination, sound insulation up to 45 dB and a construction depth of 70 mm, the IDEAL 4000® windows offer Excellent Thermal Insulation Properties  delivering a range of windows today, which satisfy the standards of tomorrow. It is the best suitable window for large doors for balconies and terraces.


Our Sliding window series with its slender design will meet your individual requirements. From Economical Window Solutions to Huge Balcony Doors, many options are possible.


With its smooth-running lifting mechanism, even huge sliding elements – with a width up to 3m, a construction depth of 85mm and with large reinforcements for the highest degree of stability – can be moved very easily. The wide opening provides a harmonious transition from living to outdoor areas without disturbing steps while maintaining best sealing values.

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