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Nationwide Windows have taken the time to give our prospective customers some additional information about our UPVC Double Glazed Windows & Doors. Below you will find answers to many of the questions we typically receive. Contact Us today for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Double Glazing?
There is no definitive answer, however Double Glazed Windows & Doors are extremely beneficial to improving the comfort levels of an Australian home. Popularity has increased dramatically over the last decade which has seen many homeowners switching out their single glazed windows to improve their homes comfort and quality of life. Reasons for changing includes Sound & Thermal Insulation, Lower Energy Consumption & Reducing Power Bills from running air conditioning or heating. Enhanced Security & Aesthetics also plays a large part in many decision making processes.
Is Double Glazing Benefits worth the Investment?
Nationwide Windows Double Glazing is not just a run of the mill window. It is a High Performance Technology that will actually save you money in the long run, whilst making your home more comfortable. A Single Glazed Window or Door – especially in an aluminium frame – is nothing more than something to look or walk through. Its purpose is to fill in a hole in your wall while usually allowing light in.

Unfortunately, during the hotter months in Australia, Windows & Doors also let external radiant heat in and aid the loss of cool air out such as A/C.

Then in the cooler months, let the cold air in while letting all the internal heat escape – exactly what you do not want.

When you upgrade your inefficient Single Glazing to a Nationwide Window, the results speak for themselves – A real game changer.

You will love the investment of Nationwide Windows, give us a call to find out more.
Is Double Glazing Suitable for Australia?
Absolutely! Double Glazing is an Insulator, similar to having insulation in a wall or ceiling. Approximately 70% of the world’s homes are now Double Glazed, both hot & cold climates. Ask yourself, why is this? Why would you have single when you can have Double?

Double Glazing is highly secure also. It is extremely difficult to break Double Glazed Windows, unlike traditional Single Glazing.
How Long Is Your Warranty?
10 Years, for further details see our warranty page…
How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?
We have many Styles & Glazing options to suit all budgets. We have Double Glazed Windows starting from as little as $800. This can also be impacted by the total quantity of windows needed and size of the windows. It is almost impossible to offer an accurate cost but using the Nationwide Windows Cost Calculator, you will get a particularly good indication of how much it would cost to Double Glaze your home. With our full turnkey manufacturing, the cost is continuing to decrease. Nationwide Windows have reduced our customers spend by almost 20% in the past 12 months!
Will my home be Energy Efficient with Double Glazing?
Double Glazing is an essential factor when looking to making your home Energy Efficient. When you install Double Glazing, your home will certainly be on its way to becoming more Energy Efficient.

Due to the vast number of windows and doors in Australian homes and the inefficiency of single glazing, the thermal improvements achieved from double glazing will vastly improve you SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) from your homes Glazing.

When you consider insulating roof cavities, walls and a few other key areas, you will enjoy more Energy Efficiency.
Can Double Glazing Completely Eliminate Outdoor Noise?
Not entirely. Double Glazing is the best Building Material for Windows & Doors, but it will not Reduce Noise by 100%. The best we can often achieve is up to 70% Sound Reduction based on a typical single glazed window with High Specified Glazing Options. This is substantial when living in densely populated areas or high traffic areas, such as Trains, Airports, Main arterial roads, etc. Nationwide Windows can help assess your needs and design your windows specifically for your personal needs with your architect, builder or local installer.
What Colours are available?
We have a large range of colours available with many elegant and contemporary finishes, compared to that of flat aluminium powder coated finishes.

This is one of the many reasons why many people choose Nationwide Windows!

• White (our most cost effective and most popular)
• Black
• Anthracite Grey
• Cream
• Golden Oak Woodgrain Effect
• Turner Oak Malt
• Turner Oak Toffee
• Sheffield Oak Concrete (Doors Only)
• Red (Doors Only)
Have you got to replace my existing windows?
Yes. The only way to Double Glaze Window & Doors, is to replace, well the proper way that is. Do not be fooled by cheap imitations.
Do you supply secondary glazing?
No! We believe that secondary glazing is not only old technology, but also very unsightly, expensive and defeats its own purpose. Windows are an essential component to your home for lighting, security, aesthetics and so much more, so get it right with real Double Glazing.
Can you get Double Glazing Doors?
Yes! To match your windows! We offer the full range of UPVC Double Glazed Doors including: Sliding Doors, Stacking Doors, Bi Fold Doors, Double Doors, Front Entrance Doors & even Back Doors.
Can UPVC Double Glazing Prevent Mould and Condensation?
The lack of Thermal Conductivity of UPVC Eliminates Condensation on the Profile. The Double Glazed Glass Units are sealed with a primary and secondary seal, which ensures that there are no condensation problems between the glass panes.

The Double Glazed Units are Argon filled, so can be assembled and sealed without danger of being affected by changing ambient conditions on our High Tech Glazing line. Keeping the Internal Glass Temperature Higher than the external one makes it a lot harder for moisture to condense on it.
Is Double Glazing really maintenance free?
Yes, Double Glazing is practically MAINTENANCE FREE. Unlike Timber there is no painting or maintenance of wood required and unlike aluminium, UPVC Will not rust or determinate like a metal wood. UPVC only requires a quick wipe down with soapy water if you really want to keep then nice and shinny and a simple spray with lubricating oil or silicone on the moving parts.
What does UPVC Stand for?
Unplasticised Poly-Vinyl Chloride. In our opinion the best material for Windows & Doors!
How Does UPVC Windows cope with Australian UV levels?
Incredibly Well! We use a German Engineered Profile which has been specially designed for the harsh Australian climate (Tropical Compound). The UPVC Extrusion is a Tropical Formulation with full UV stabilisation. Please visit the Tropical Compound page to learn more
Is UPVC BAL40/Bushfire Safe?
Yes! Please visit our BAL40/Bushfire Safe page for more details.
Do you supply builders/architects?
Yes. Nationwide Windows supply homeowners, architects, builders, developers, and window companies throughout Australia. Speak to a member of our team to about our great trade and commercial propositions.
Do I need Council Approval to Install UPVC Double Glazing?
No. Not for replacement Windows & Doors.
How Secure is Double Glazing?
Extremely Secure. Nationwide Windows have multipoint locking systems as standard, all locking is keyed and laminated and toughened safety glass options are available.
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