Innovative Technology with partner Aluplast

Nationwide Windows are proudly partnered with Aluplast, an innovative company who provide the very best, Award Winning products, in which we build our Windows & Doors. Aluplast is a family run operation, like ourselves, with outlets all over the world. Nationwide Windows enjoy a strong relationship with our supplier Aluplast, based in Somerton, Victoria and work closely to deliver a highly innovative product with many benefits.

Shaped Steel Reinforcements

Our profiles are Reinforced with Steel in both the Window Frame and the Sash to provide Steel Reinforcement for Extra Security, Better Sound Insulation & Increase Thermal Efficiency. This is a no brainer really when it comes to delivering a superior product! Traditionally the Window Frame & Sash were strengthened using lightweight plastic.

Smart Slide Technology

Nationwide Windows use aluplast's Smart Slide Technology for a Smoother & Easier operation. The new Smart Slide door has top values for Heat Insulation, Statics & Sealing and is impressively easy to operate regardless as to the size of the Window/Door.

Highly Secure Australian Toughness

The fixed interior profile web for the third gasket all around the window frame improves thermal insulation. It is Highly Secure and  prevents the sash from being forced open, making this ideal for break and enter prevention!

Bonding Technology

Nationwide Windows use Bonding Technology for Stability, Longevity & Security. The Glass Pane is Bonded all the way round the UPVC Profile. The adhesive provides an extra strong bond between the pane and the sash which ensures that your windows remain structurally stable, allowing them to be opened and closed smoothly for many, many years and also adds an excellent way to prevent the sash from being pried open.


High Quality Design & Build

Nationwide Windows build UPVC Products to a very high level. They are built in our Queensland Factory by Australians, for Australians. Quality building materials can last a long time and this is where our reputation develops. Product Testing is overseen regularly, ensuring that the all our Windows & Doors are not only aesthetically stunning, but will stand the test of time.

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